Going Fast & Looking Good is Our Business


Rare 1962 Polaris Sno-Traveler model L-55

We disassembled this sled and with tender loving care restored its original beauty. The four cycle 5-1/2 horsepower Lausen engine still runs like new. Each part of this sled was sand blasted and hand sanded to new like condition. The track, wooden slide rails, belt and gears are in great condition. It runs happily on straight regular gasoline. The original manual is enjoyable to read. The liability concerns, safety warnings and disclaimers have certainly changed since then, of course so has the performance of Polaris snowmobiles.

Rare 1972 Kawasaki G4 100 on or off road bike

Rare 1972 Suzuki GT 550 two stroke three cylinder

Another restoration challenge in progress at The Starting Line. This is an early 70’s Suzuki GT 550 two stroke motorcycle. Frame and all components currently at powder coat stage. We have acquired a factory new in the original box seat and slowly gathering up other odds and ends to return this now rare motorcycle to it’s original beauty.

Rare 1971 Honda CB 500 four cylinder

Antique vintage Gilbarco gas pump
We wanted this to represent our VP racing fuel products that we offer so we gave it a newer more modern “Going Fast and Looking Good” appearance.