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Dyno Drum 2The Starting Line has since 1989 dyno tuned motorcycles to peak performance. We were the first shop to provide this service in the State of Maine. The manufacturer also chose us to test two of their prototype snowmobile dynos. Our performance work is first tuned on the street using data logging and recording devices and then for the absolute best performance we maximize on our dyno. The dyno is the safest and best place to record fuel and ignition events.
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EFI (Engine Control Unit) or “The Brain Box” mapping is one of our specialties at The Starting Line. Big bore kits, cylinder head modifications, camshaft upgrades, exhaust and air breather changes require re-writing of many tables(maps) within the ECU. The ECU collects signals from sensor inputs such as crank position, manifold absolute pressure, air and engine temperature, throttle position, O2 and vehicle speed sensors. It then takes these inputs along with reference tables (maps) to send output signals to deliver precise amounts of fuel and spark. Our work consists mainly of developing the VE( Volumetric Efficiency) and AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) tables. We do this by extensive data logging recording on the street and dyno. Other ECU tuning involves optimizing the cranking, warm up and acceleration fuel tables. Ultimately we fine tune the spark tables for best fuel economy and performance. We have recorded gains of 10 horsepower from optimizing the spark tables.
Below is a screen shot of one of the map tables where we spend a lot of our time.

Ballew 124 map screen 2